Ugrás a tartalomhoz Lépj a menübe

A fanzine is for people who want to read articles written by passionate fans

Day by day you see people eat junk food, mesmerized by plastic boobs and fancy cars while they live in their digital reality with a newly acquired VR headset. It is their way to feed their lust and getting new non-existing digital friends.
Then there is you who want real things. You want to listen to your favorite album on CD/Vinyl/Tape and read a magazine as a freshly opened beer bottle starts to release its sweet scent.

So do I. That’s why I started a printed fanzine.

Burning Sun (derived from the Helloween song title) is a Hungarian written, magazine which focuses on certain styles of metal music (heavy-power-speed-thrash and a bit of doom) filled with passion and a semi-professional approach to give people what they really want. Burning Sun gives them the touch of a physical release in their hands but most importantly something which connects us, no matter where we live: metal!

If there is a smile on your face while reading this and believe in the same idea, get it touch and send me your promos, because I’m always interested to learn about new bands from all around the globe.

Old school is the only real way. Keep it real. Keep it printed.

 - Zoltán Papi
editor of Burning Sun

If you share my heavy metal passion, don't hesitate to contact me